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Our personal experiences and general curiosity have inspired us to dig deep into topics around life, psychology, well-being and health. Join us every week to explore the depths of our human experience through soul shifting conversations with thought leaders, seekers and health and wellness specialists.

Welcome to Soul Shift Sundays, we hope you feel a shift from within.


“Welcome to our podcast with Dorit Jaffe and Tatiana Revox. We met each other about 10 years ago, when we were living in New York City. At the moment, we are each living in different parts of the world, but our conversations continue to connect us.


This podcast was created for those interested in learning more about their overall well-being and evolution. Life’s lessons and awakenings have motivated us to dive into what it takes to live an authentic and meaningful life. 


We will be sharing intimate stories about the highs and lows of our human experience, relationships, and so much more!" 

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