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Tatiana Revox

About Me

Coach & Creator

Today I am a Coach and Conscious Creator, but the road that led me here may not be what you expect. Here's my story!

The Roots

Tatiana was born into a family of entrepreneurs who found success in the food and hospitality industry. She began her learning journey as a toddler as her parents operated some of the most lively, and sought after, restaurants on the Upper East Side of New York City from the late 80's to present day. It was through this early experience that she learned the invaluable knowledge, and perspective, on what it means to cater, create and, critically be in service to her guests and clients.


Here's My Untold Story

She dedicated herself to understanding human behavior.

By high school, she had taken her first few psychology courses which opened up a whole new world to her. She became passionate about understanding human behavior and motivation, and continued her studies throughout University. Graduating Cum Laude from Pace University with a B.A. in Communications & Minor in Psychology, Tatiana had the opportunity to hone in on everything from the Psychology of Communications to Developmental and Freudian philosophies. She was fortunate enough to have found Masters, Shamans and Coaches as mentors, from the tender age of 16, to support and deepen her academic and life teachings. While she learned the science in school, she made it a priority to balance her education by nurturing her spiritual, emotional and physical evolution as well.

Tatiana Revox

The earliest stage of her career was jump started by her management experience at Bad Boy Records, interning for Phil Robinson. This inspired and awakened a never ending fire. She knew she had found something that she loved, and went on to managing, coaching and promoting some of the biggest DJ’s in the New York City nightlife scene.


Healing the Inner Demons

However, after some time, it became clear that the most important commitment she needed to make to thrive, was to herself. Her dedication to self improvement brought her on a vast journey working closely with master plants, teachers and facilitators from around the world. Her goal was healing herself so she could help others heal. She knew that the only way to do this was to dive deep into a pool of authenticity with humility and strength. As she learned to shed the layers of her wounds, she began to practice a new and clean lifestyle. 

New Practice, New Life

With health and wellness now being top priorities, she changed everything from her diet to the products she used. If it wasn't from the earth, she steered clear. She used food as medicine, deepened her daily meditation practices with sound and ritual and applied her fused understanding of ancient practices and science to facilitate her healing process. With continued guidance from masters and teachers to date, her practice continues to deepen and expand, allowing us to grow together. 

Tatiana Revox
Communicating with your Child_edited.jpg
Tatiana Revox Children

The Journey With Children Begins

Once having begun to master her practice, she began sharing her process with people she encountered. With conversations rooted in childhood trauma, preventative measures and healing tools, she became a conduit of communication between children and parents. Providing children with the language to express themselves and parents with the tools to reparent themselves and better parent their children. Her valuable sharings offered information on sustainable communication, creative problem solving, healing dynamics and empowering lifestyle choices for the whole family. 

The SHIF.T Movement is Here


Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 11.46.28

She eventually wanted to bring her professional experience together under one concept. The point was to help people, raise awareness, and offer solutions, but she wanted to do it in creative, interactive and engaging ways. By transforming spaces that united art and sound she brought people on impactful journeys; to feel something; to shift perspective and to come together for a greater cause. This segued into her PR and managing of contemporary and urban artists alike, where she furthered her concept "Party With a Purpose," created in 2013. 

Tatiana Revox Advocate

Being a Voice for the Voiceless

Her SHIF.T experiences created platforms  that brought attention, promoted and allowed her to stand up for things she was passionate about. Although she is committed to children, mental health and autoimmune communities, she also extends her reach and knowledge to human rights, animal conservation and environmental initiatives. 

VIBErant Eats is born...

In 2018, VIBErant Eats, her first multi- faceted lifestyle experience was born. VE was a true representation of her journey to date. She was able to take all she learned and offer it in an unprecedented way: an enlightening, innovative evening of Chakra Dining and Sound Healing. 

While It started as a ticketed experience, it quickly became offered as a private event, lifestyle workshop and family wellness plan!

Tatiana Revox VIBErant Eats
viberent eats-1250 2.JPG

Tatiana Began to Share...

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 12.32.46
Tatiana Revox Speaker
Tatiana Revox Coaching

Despite spreading the wisdom behind the scenes throughout her career, she never lifted the veil on that aspect of her work publicly. Today, she has the privilege of sharing the culmination of what she has acquired and become to the masses. Now, you can finally get access to all her tools and begin your transformative journeys!


Let's Start the Journey!

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