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A Call To Action

As a result of a multi cultural background and extensive travels, I have been fortunate enough to be able to experience the duality of luxury and poverty that people live in. My journeys have provided me with an anthropological perspective, deeper understanding of the human condition and a sense of urgency to be a voice for the voiceless. Not only is it my mission to spread awareness on certain topics, but also to offer solutions to affected communities.

A Voice for the Autoimmune Community

Whether through my own journey or watching people I love in their experiences, Autoimmune challenges have been present in my life since I can remember. Over the years, I have been able to observe and experience the lack of emotional, mental and spiritual resources offered to Autoimmune communities. I support people's healing processes by teaching them how to be empowered patients and learn effective communication skills that allow them to better navigate their lives, their medical experiences and their relationships. 

Children & Education

In a growing digital age, emotional intelligence is fundamental to future generations and their success. Of 9 types of intelligence, only three or four are nurtured in traditional school curriculums. Not only do I coach children and families, but I am also committed to introducing self care in schools and organizations. Ensuring our youth learns about physical, mental and emotional wellness better prepares them to face life with effective, healthy tools and processes for their future and continued success . We can create the change we want to see by equipping children with the teachings that will help them thrive and be well!

Mental Health

Roughly 1 billion people are affected by Mental Health disorders globally. Many people will live through these struggles without ever getting diagnosed or getting the help they need. While discussion over mental health is just beginning to normalize, there is still much to unpack, discover and heal. All of my offerings, in one way or another, whether programs, keynote speaking, conscious experiences, or profound content are geared towards helping us individually and collectively manage and sustain mental health successfully.

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