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Join her global community as she shares tips and information on how to transform old stories into new realities.

Tatiana Revox Conscious Coach & Producer

SHIF.T your lens & create success in your career, relationships and life with Tatiana's fusion of Science based Psychology, Therapy & Ancient wisdom.  

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About Tatiana Revox

Tatiana is a coach, author, speaker & advocate who has been devoted to her study & practice of wellness, healing and transformation for over 16 years. Known for her impactful projects SHIF.T & VIBErant Eats, she was intent on creating experiences that fused modern day wisdom with ancient philosophy. Through these platforms, she was able to introduce "Party With A Purpose" and "Soul SHIF.T Sundays." Today, Tatiana travels around the globe sharing her transformational knowledge in French, Italian, Spanish & English. 

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