I have dedicated myself to the study of human behavior and healing for nearly two decades. Fusing science, psychology, holistic wellness, ancient wisdom, and profound life experience, I provide you with the tools you need to overcome your obstacles and reach your full potential. Whether in person or online, you are only one step away from tapping into the well of sage solutions. 

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With an emphasis on experiential learning, my job is to curate engaging, interactive containers that allow teams to actively learn through experience.  I create a safe space for people to deepen their self awareness, learn sustainable communication, evolve their creative problem solving skills, and create effective action plans for how each person can better themselves both individually and collectively.

Families & Children

As an advocate, I am very passionate about children and their wellbeing. In addition to focusing several years of my studies to developmental psychology, I used my own experience in healing inner child wounds, mastering communication and management skills, creating wellness and awareness practices and redefining family dynamics, to foster healthy environments for children and families to thrive in.  Whether it is an individual or the entire family looking to go on a transformative journey, my goal is to offer effective tools that serve to minimize potential long term traumas, address existing ones and maximize long term healing and growth.

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