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"If you dig the concept of bringing art, food and sound together then you are in for a treat with the craze about to sweep us."   CMB

"What a surprising and amazing evening last night was! My friend and I had a wonderful time, and just as you predicted, I woke up feeling freer than I have in months." - VIBErant Guest

"I felt so energized by the sound baths... I experienced waves of energy much like reiki... and I loved the way the courses were aligned with the chakras... There was so much there I didn’t know... You could make an entire business just from one recipe!"    

Chioma Nnadi - Vogue

SHIF.T Presents VIBErant Eats Chakra Dining & Sound Healing: A Lifestyle Experience for Mind, Body & Soul 

When East meets West...Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Day life...Science meets Spirituality & Food meets Music…  A healing journey through the Chakras begins…

From New York to London we offer a unique experience of fine dining and sound healing prepared through philosophies of integrative nutrition “food as medicine” and eating for the chakras “food as spirit" while guests receive vibrational attunements through the use of a myriad of sound instruments.


For thousands of years, cultures around the world have used sound, natural remedies, foods, plants, and herbs to heal the body and rid it of disease. With VIBErant Eats, we have fused these philosophies and elements in an easily digestible way. Not only do we use high quality plant based foods, charged with crystals and frequencies during preparation, but we also serve each dish with a different correlating sound offering.

With every dish is a guide on benefits of each ingredient, fun facts on sound, and the connection between the two.  This not only provides you with information you can apply in your daily life moving forward, but also strengthens the mind- body connection. When we consciously know what is happening in our bodies, the power of our thoughts can amplify whatever is already in progress.

Although VIBErant Eats was born as a ticketed immersive experience, today it is also offered as a private event, lifestyle program and serves as one of the core pillars and solutions offered in Tatiana's lifestyle coaching. The mission is to make wellness accessible to even the busiest people by fusing various modalities in one experience that maximizes their limited time. 


By bringing two worlds together "Hippy Hearts And City Living,"  we hope to give people an educational and healing lifestyle experience in a magical and fun environment.  

Available Offerings


Wedding Showers

Family Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness 

Private Events & Collaborations

VIBErant Eats Cooking Classes

Private Sound Baths

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