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Free Masterclass with Tatiana Revox :

2020: THE YEAR OF 20/20 VISION

No one could expect our CLARITY to come through a global pandemic, but it is rough seas that make great Captains. Sign Up for my VIBErant Lockdown Program to see how to make the best of your time at home to nurture your MIND, BODY & SOUL in the midst of stress, anxiety and chaos!

In This Masterclass You Will Learn to...

  • Practice Self Awareness. 

  • Find Inspiration on how to use your time in ways that nurture you and promote well being.

  • How to take a balanced approach to Re-educating yourself (and better educate your children, if you have any!)

  • Creating a Sustainable self care routine & lifestyle. 

  • Writing as a means to gain Clarity and increase Productivity.

  • The Importance of Creating as a source of Healing and Expansion 

  • And More!



Conscious Coach, Producer & Host   

Tap into Tatiana's fused philosophies that have already helped so many on their journey of self development & fulfillment.

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