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Conscious Production is an experiential extension of my work as a Coach. Get a bespoke Conscious Creative Consultation where we can amplify your narrative through content and experiential production. My 360 degree approach allows you to discover and evolve  yourself and your brand from the inside out, preparing you to be in alignment with your newfound goals, ensuring maximum results.

Brands & Companies

Sometimes we just need to experience things for ourselves to truly understand and retain valuable information. Are you a company or brand looking to elevate your brand message or host an engaging and purpose filled event? Are you celebrating a launch, bringing awareness to an initiative, or supporting a cause? Let's work together to create an unforgettable experience that will leave people profoundly moved and impacted for days, weeks and some forever.


Some people want to organize a private event, while others prefer to host an existing concept. Known for her ability to fuse ideas seamlessly, Tatiana is able to tap into the duality of the human psyche to create relevancy for every person in the room. Whether bringing art and purpose together or food and spirituality, she creates experiences that leave you feeling enriched, empowered and inspired.